Early Voting Numbers Measuring Up Despite Law Changes

May 2, 2014

Early voters in North Carolina have just one more day to cast ballots ahead of Primary Day on May 6th.  The one-stop voting period ends around noon on Saturday.    

Board spokesman Josh Lawson says Thursday's voter totals have not yet been counted, but numbers through Wednesday have been encouraging. 

Ealy voting for the 2014 Primary is winding down in North Carolina.
Credit Flickr creative commons

"We have 145,002 who have cast one-stop or early ballots," Lawson says.  "Now, this can be compared probably most accurately to the 2010 primary in which there were 173,972.  So. we're still -- with time remaining -- edging up to that total...and hopefully going to exceed it here."

Changes enacted last year by the General Assembly shortened the early-voting period. Lawson says this year's count comes even as that window shrunk by a week.

"It went from 17 days to 10.  Various locations throughout the state.  We actually had an increase in locations from 212 in the 2010 primary to 289 throughout the state this go round.  And though we had a 1.2 percent reduction in hours overall, we're seeing that participation remains strong," he says.

Lawson says the state board usually observes a flurry of activity on the last one-stop day which could help the turnout surpass the participation four years ago.