Durham’s Kestrel Heights Elementary And Middle School Charter Approved For Renewal

Feb 6, 2020

Kestrel Heights Charter Middle School
Credit Google Street View

The State Board of Education has renewed the charter for Kestrel Heights Elementary and Middle School in Durham. The school had sought a 10-year renewal, just a few years after having to close its high school because it awarded diplomas to students who had not completed the required coursework. Forty percent of its graduates were awarded these diplomas over several years.

After discussion, the state board opted to renew the school for five years.The head of the state board’s charter schools committee, Amy White, says the decision was not a continuation of previous stipulations placed on the school, but about current growth. 

“We absolutely applaud the difficult and hard work that Kestrel Heights and their team have put into bringing the school back into compliance,” said White. 

At this point, White says the board is committed to supporting the school’s long-term success. 

“This is our promise: that we'll continue to walk alongside that school as they continue to make strong strides in Durham County to be a school of choice,” White said. 

The state board renewed the charters for 17 other schools with renewals ranging from three to 10 years. One school, the Ignite Innovation Academy in Pitt County, did not receive a charter renewal.