Durham May Tighten Food Truck Rules

Jul 9, 2012

The City of Durham is taking another look at its mobile vending rules.  And that means Food Trucks.

Leoneda Inge:  Becky Cascio and Mike Hackerd rolled out their Pie Pushers Food Truck about a year ago.  Cascio says it was a big step to make.

Becky Cascio:  My boyfriends a chef, he would love a restaurant but we’re not in a place in our personal lives, or financial or business knowing where we’re going to open a restaurant yet. So we saw this as a kind of stepping stone and Durham as a great spot to do it.

Cascio says she’ll join dozens of other food truck owners for an information session at city hall tonight to hear proposed changes to Durham’s Mobile Vending City Code.  One major change would ban food trucks from Durham Central Park, even when the Farmers Market is open.