Durham To Drivers: Slow Down By Schools!

Jun 16, 2017

Durham wants drivers to slow down in school zones.
Credit Flickr

Durham wants to try using enforcement cameras to prevent drivers from speeding in school zones. 

A committee in the state Senate approved a bill that would establish a speed camera pilot program.

It allows the city to set up cameras that operate only at the beginning and end of school days. 

Durham's transportation director suggested the idea after hearing concerns from parents along the Fayetteville Street corridor, according to City manager Tom Bonfield.

"It was proposed as a trial to see how it works," said Bonfield. "We're willing to give it a shot. We can report back to the General Assembly and it might be something they want to consider statewide, and not just allowing Durham to do it.

Residents in other towns and cities have questioned the legality of speed cameras in recent years. The measure would allow Durham to test the system for three years.

"We haven't really identified specifically where they would be installed," said Bonfield. "Generally, I think the places we get a lot of concerns are along the Fayetteville Street corridor from Hillside High School to Fayetteville Elementary School. There are a lot of people crossing the streets."