Duke & UNC to Square Off for ACC Title

Mar 2, 2012

The men's Atlantic Coast Conference regular season champion will be decided tomorrow. That's when North Carolina will travel up Tobacco Road to take on rival Duke. The two teams are tied for first place going into the final regular season game. Speaking on an ACC teleconference this week, Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski said it's been a challenge to get to this point.

Mike Krzyzewski: You can tell by the number of starting lineups, we don't have one kid who's started every game. We've had 9 different players start games. And we've had our toughest schedule. This has been a really tough schedule and a long year, because it started with the summer tour.

Coach K said he's proud of what the Blue Devils have been able to accomplish, and hopes they keep improving going into the post-season.

Meanwhile, the Tar Heels are hoping to avenge a loss to Duke last month in Chapel Hill. On an ACC teleconference earlier this week, Carolina coach Roy Williams looked ahead.

Roy Williams: Here we are the last week of the season and with a chance - it's not the greatest chance in the world - but with a chance to win the conference championship, which is where we've always wanted to be able to position ourselves. Feel good about the fact that we put them in the right column but don't feel real good about the way we've played necessarily. We've realized that we have to play a heck of a lot better.

The game begins at 7pm Saturday in Durham.