Duke Survey Says CFOs Expect More Hiring In 2016

Dec 10, 2015

Duke CFO Global Business Outlook survey shows job and wage growth in 2016.
Credit Thinglass / Shutterstock.com

There’s good news on the jobs front for 2016.  That’s according to the latest Duke University – CFO Global Business Outlook Survey.

Chief Financial Officers say they expect to increase hiring by about 2.4 percent in the New Year.  And wages should jump almost 3 percent.

But John Graham, a Finance Professor at Duke and director of the survey, says CFOs still struggle with finding qualified employees.

“When we ask CFOs to rank their top concerns from the world economy to you name it, number three on the list is difficulty finding and retaining qualified employees," said Graham.

Graham says, let’s keep in mind, these companies are looking for specific skill sets, like diesel mechanics and accountants.

Again, the good news, according to Graham, is that wages are increasing.

"Wages going up by about three percent that’s good, we’re gaining on inflation.  We’re making good progress there," said Graham.

On the global front, a majority of CFOs say they believe the refugee crisis in Europe will have a positive overall economic impact.  They say accepting migrants will help solve the looming demographic problems some nations face.

Overall, CFO optimism about the US economy  "remained steady... and remains among the strongest in the world."