Duke to Offer Free Online Classes

Jul 18, 2012

Duke University will begin offering free online classes to the public this September.

Asma Khalid: Duke faculty have signed up to teach eight internet classes. They range from neuroscience to astronomy.  So why fork out more than $40,000 a year for tuition if you can access these high-quality Duke professors for free?  Lynne O'Brien is organizing the partnership at Duke. And she says these online classes won't replace the on-campus experience.

Lynne O'Brien: Duke students will still be interacting one-on-one with faculty members, they'll still be participating in team projects, working alongside faculty in their research labs, so the Duke experience on campus is still a different experience.

The university is partnering with a California-based education company called Coursera to bring these classes online.  About a dozen other universities are already using the Coursera classroom model, such as Stanford and Princeton.