Duke Fraternities Create Sexual Assault Task Force

Jul 3, 2015

Fraternities at Duke University are creating a task force to combat sexual assault.
Credit Krazos / Wikipedia

The fraternities at Duke University are creating a sexual assault task force. The University suspended its Alpha Delta Phi chapter amid rape allegations this winter.

Max Schreiber  is president of Duke's Interfraternity Council. He says the task force will be made up of 12 members from different fraternities. The all-male panel will work with women and victims advocacy groups on campus.

"Basically their mission is figure out, number one, the scope of the sexual assault problem on Duke's campus specifically, and, number two, ways that our events can be safer for all members, and looking for strategies to prevent sexual assault."

Schreiber says sexual assault has replaced hazing as the issue bringing Greek organizations under public scrutiny.

He says the IFC will need to work to prevent assaults for the community to remain viable at Duke.