Duke Experts To Help State VA Overhaul Veteran Service Systems

Mar 31, 2015

The North Carolina Division of Veterans Affairs is working to overhaul its customer service system.
Credit U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

The North Carolina Department of Veterans Affairs is working with experts at Duke University to overhaul its strategy to connect vets with the right resources.

State VA Director Ilario Pantano says Duke's Evidence Based Practice Implementation Center will help the VA train its service personnel to better understand how to assess a veteran's needs.

Pantano says the experts will help create better customer management software. They'll also help improve intake questions, follow-up guidelines, and messaging.

"Is our resource guide family friendly? Can a veteran digest this in the way that we formulated? Right now we have a lot of veterans that are well-intentioned developing resource guides, We want to get people to develop stuff at a higher level that will be more palatable and digestible."

Pantano says the VA will start a pilot training with staff next month. Duke specialists will help refine protocols over the next two years.