Duke Chapel Closing For Restoration; Two Stunning Photos

Apr 30, 2014

Duke Chapel is closing to the public May 11, 2015 for a year-long restoration project. The ceiling will be worked on and the original chapel roof will be replaced. Crews will also work to restore the stained-glass windows and woodwork.

If you've never been inside the Chapel, you've got a year to do so ... or do as I did and take a virtual tour on Flickr. People around the world have taken photos of the iconic chapel, and shared them online. The images are gorgeous. For some reason, the simplicity of the black and white images caught my eye today. These images were taken by Skip Bradley.

Duke Chapel
Credit Skip Bradley / Flickr/Creative Commons

Credit Skip Bradley

Here is more information about the renovation and the changes in services and offerings.  The chapel will likely reopen in the spring of 2016. One thing that won't change? "The daily ringing of the chapel's carillon bells will continue every weekday at 5 p.m."