Drive-By Art

Dec 29, 2010

The department of transportation’s Wildflower Project has received much praise over the years. North Carolina DOT officials say they hope their new arts policy for state highways and byways will also get a lot of attention.

Some arts projects already in place include the metal leaves on the pedestrian bridge in Cary spanning US 1-64 and the mural under I-240 in Asheville. 

Don Lee is the State Roadside Environmental Engineer for DOT.  Lee says the new policy will help guide the placement of public art.  He says North Carolina has a good track record:

"And we hear from companies that say, when they come to visit, especially if they are driving or flying in and hadn’t been here before and they see those aesthetic treatments, they know that we’re a progressive state that is welcoming business and tourism."

Charlotte is considering a bridge lighting project and Chapel Hill is also making plans. The state maintains nearly 78 thousand miles of roads and highways.