Dragonfly In The Scientific Spotlight at Bugfest

Sep 13, 2017

The dragonfly is often celebrated for its glittering body and elegant flight, but the insect is also a ferocious predator and a boon for mosquito-ridden areas. The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences will celebrate the many facets of the dragonfly this year at its annual “Bugfest.” 

Researchers will highlight unique behaviors specific to some of the thousands of dragonfly species. Host Frank Stasio speaks with The Dragonfly Woman, entomologist Christine Goforth, about the prehistoric past of the bug and how dragonflies may be indicators of climate change.

Zack Lemann, curator of animal collections for the Audubon Butterfly Garden Insectarium and insect chef, talks about how the dragonfly is consumed in different cultures and how he plans on serving them up at the “Bugfest” this Saturday, Sept. 16.