Doug Larget Trio Returns

Jun 15, 2018

Organist Doug Largent (left) makes his return to WUNC today on the State of Things, accompanied by Grant Osborne on harmonica (center), and Nick Baglio on drums (right).
Credit Gabriella Bulgarelli / WUNC

  Doug Largent spent a decade in jazz clubs playing the bass. In 2009, he followed a new dream and taught himself the organ. The Doug Largent Trio was born.

Largent returns to The State of Things with new bandmates and new stories. Now the music director of North Carolina Arts in Action, he is bringing music and dance to fourth-graders at underserved schools. Largent also added a new, unlikely instrument to his trio – the chromatic harmonica. After a jam session with Grant Osborne, he found the combination of organ and harmonica to be expressive and soulful. Largent and Osborne are joined by Nick Baglio on drums to perform live in studio. The Doug Largent Trio is appearing at the Grove Winery Jazz Festival in Gibsonville, NC on Saturday, June 30.