Doc Watson Guitar "Ol' Hoss" Up For Auction

Nov 27, 2012

A guitar belonging to legendary North Carolina musician Doc Watson will be auctioned off at Christie's

Doc Watson's Gallagher Guitar and album recording using it.
Credit Christie's

in New York today. Nicknamed Ol' Hoss, it's the guitar Watson used in the sessions for the seminal 1972 recording "Will the Circle Be Unbroken." On the album, Watson can be heard meeting Merle Travis, who compliments Ol' Hoss.

Merle Travis: Hey that guitar by the way rings like a bell.
Doc Watson: It's a pretty good old box. Mr. Gallagher made this thing - lives down near Wartrace, Tennessee.
Merle Travis: Oh yeah? Grandpa Jones got one.

Christie's estimates the G-50 guitar's value at 6-to-8-thousand dollars. It had been on display at the Country Music Hall of Fame since 1975. Watson died in May at the age of 89. His wife Rosa Lee died last week at 81.