Democrats In Tight Races In NC Outraise Republicans

Oct 16, 2018

Credit Jason deBruyn / WUNC

North Carolina might yet play a role in what some have predicted will become a blue wave.

The latest election fundraising totals show that Democrats in two North Carolina Congressional battlegrounds have fared well.

In Charlotte's suburbs, Dan McCready has outraised Mark Harris nearly three to one. And in Greensboro, Kathy Manning had raised $1 million more than incumbent Ted Budd, according to Federal Election Commission filings.

Of course, campaign cash doesn't necessarily translate to votes. And political forecasters still rate the two races at either a toss-up or lean Republican. But that's better than Democrats had expected just a few months ago.

Use the interactive graphic below to see fundraising and spending totals for the Democratic and Republican candidates in North Carolina's three most competitive Congressional races. Due due gerrymandering, the remaining 10 races are not considered competitive. Data for this graphic come from the Federal Elections Commission.

Still, even if both these races flip for Democrats, Congressional Republicans will almost certainly maintain a majority in North Carolina, due to gerrymandered districts.

In-person early voting for the 2018 general election begins Wednesday. Statewide, more than 300 early voting sites will offer voting hours through November 3. Election Day is November 6.

Early voting also offers "same-day registration," which allows individuals to register and vote in one stop. This is not allowed on Election Day, however. The regular registration deadline has passed, and those who are not properly registered may not vote on Election Day.