Defense Will Call More Witnesses At Day 7 Of Terry Johnson Trial

Aug 20, 2014

Alamance County Sheriff Terry Johnson

Defense attorneys will call more witnesses today at a federal trial alleging racial profiling by the Alamance County Sheriff.

Among the possible witnesses is Sam Page, an outspoken supporter of border control and increased deportations.

Nine defense witnesses took the stand on Tuesday. Testimony came from current Alamance County Sheriff's employees, federal law enforcement officers who worked with the department in varying capacities, and from the Alamance County District Attorney. Witnesses detailed drug trafficking in the county, as well as sheriff's departmental practices and training procedures.

The US Justice Department accused Johnson and his department of discriminating against Latinos. They say the sheriff ordered roadblocks in predominantly Latino neighborhoods. Alamance did participate in a now-defunct federal program that gave local law enforcement some federal powers to assist in deportations. Johnson is running unopposed for re-election this fall.