Daughter of Swords Take Us On A Journey On 'Dawnbreaker'

Nov 29, 2019

'Dawnbreaker' is the debut album from Daughter of Swords, the new solo venture from Mountain Man's Alexandra Sauser-Monnig. It's an album that Sauser-Monnig says was written about a break-up that had yet to happen. It's also one that touches on the topic of hitting the road.

Songs like 'Rising Sun' and 'Shining Woman' are both road songs. Sauser-Monnig says that 'Rising Sun' is about feeling like you can be free and make your own choices. 'Shining Woman' was inspired by a trip to the west coast and the sight of cyclists who seem to be on endless journeys.

"It seems like a really meditative way to move through the world and a beautiful way to give yourself a break."

Daughter of Swords plays The ArtsCenter in Carrboro on Saturday, November 30th.