Cyclists Seek To Make American Tobacco Trail Safer

Sep 27, 2012

Durham bike riders are traveling the city's portion of the American Tobacco Trail hoping to make it safer. Debbie West says it's a route she likes to take to where she needs to go. "I love the Tobacco Trail. I live and work near it," says West.

She says she doesn't like the recent rash of crime on it. People have reported several assaults and robberies in the past few months. West hoped the trouble would go away. "But then when the one happened last week, it was just like you know I can ask some people to come out..ride bikes a couple times a week and just being out there makes the trail safer."

West says the citizen patrols seem to be working..even after just a week. She says police are praising their efforts but urge caution as well. Officers want witnesses to crimes to call 9-1-1. West says she's looking at having more patrols as darkness starts to fall earlier.