Criminal: 100 Episodes!

Oct 5, 2018

Criminal podcast host Phobe Judge and WUNC's Eric Hodge looked back at 100 episodes and three years of Criminal, the podcast produced at WUNC, during Morning Edition.

The 100th episode of Criminal starts with the strange case of D.B. Cooper and picks up with a crime inspired by the man who disappeared by jumping from an inflight plane.

In our Criminal preview that you can listen to below, Judge also also talks about how the Criminal folks are cranking up season two of their other podcast, Love, on November 14.

This episode focuses on Martin McNally. On the afternoon of June 23rd, 1972, McNally walked into the St. Louis airport with a wig, a sawed-off rifle, and a plan.

You can find out more about Criminal at their website.

Listen to this Criminal preview:

Credit Julienne Alexander / Criminal