COVID-19 in the ER

Mar 20, 2020

As the new coronavirus spreads, an ER doctor in Seattle explains how he and other front-line physicians are learning to treat patients and keep themselves safe. Dr. Nick Mark says that because the virus is so new, doctors are improvising treatments and learning from each other. 

Plus: One of the darkest chapters of the Iraq War was the revelation that Americans tortured Iraqi detainees at Abu Ghraib prison. More than eight years after the war ended, one Iraqi man is seeking justice. Salah Hasan Nusaif al-Ejaili was a cameraman and reporter for Al Jazeera, and in 2003, he was held captive at Abu Ghraib for two months.  

After his release, Ejaili decided to sue the private contractor that conducted interrogations at Abu Ghraib. His is the last case that is still going through the court system, and it may be taken on by the U.S. Supreme Court.