Cosmic Punk Brings Teen Angst To The Stage

Mar 23, 2018

Elayna Jean heads up Chapel Hill's 'Cosmic Punk.'
Credit John Guerin

Many of the songs Cosmic Punk performs are rooted in angsty, teenage feelings. Elayna Jean, the band’s guitarist and vocalist, says that is because she wrote a lot of those songs while she was still in high school.

Credit Shannon Kelly

The music examines the rollercoaster of romantic relationships during a time of unpredictable hormones and development. The Chapel Hill-based indie rock group has a new single out called “Too Much.” The song was written in the last few months and explores how it feels to be in a new relationship.

Host Frank Stasio talks to Jean, Cosmic Punk bassist Alex Haggis, and drummer Rick Davis. The band performs live in studio and talks about their music. Cosmic Punk is performing at The Cave in Chapel Hill on April 27.