Corporations Are Making Statements About Black Lives Matter, Should Consumers Believe Them?

Jun 26, 2020

The Aunt Jemima syrup brand will change its name and logo in 2020. This action is one example of efforts companies are making to address racial insensitivity.
Credit Mike Mozart

As the country reckons with the systemic racism upon which it is built, major companies are making statements of their own. Some address inequities and enumerate actionable steps to combat racism. 

Others lay out plans to donate funds to organizations supporting Black individuals and communities. Other companies chose not to say anything. How are consumers supposed to navigate this sea of corporate messaging? Host Frank Stasio talks with Charlotte Business Journal reporter Caroline Hudson about how some of North Carolina’s largest corporations are responding to the Black Lives Matter movement. Yvette Lynne Bonaparte shares analysis on how consumers can discern genuine statements from hollow press releases. She is an assistant professor of marketing at North Carolina Central University.