ConAgra Explosion Featured in Safety Video

Feb 11, 2011

Credit U.S. Chemical Safety Board

The deadly explosion at the Con-Agra Foods plant near Garner has resulted in a safety video to help prevent future tragedies. 

The video was produced by the U.S. Chemical Safety Board. It’s called “Deadly Practices” and begins like this.

"Worker-At around 11:30am our lives changed forever. Narrator-June 9, 2009 the Con-Agra Slim Jim plant near Garner, North Carolina, a catastrophic explosion resulted from the accumulation of dangerous levels of natural gas during indoor purging of new piping."

Four people died and 67 others were injured. The video also features a 2010 explosion at an electric generating plant under construction in Connecticut. There were six deaths there. The Chemical Safety Board issued urgent recommendations about venting purged gases outdoors – not indoors.

Watch the video