Come Hear NC On Songs We Love: Shady Grove

Nov 22, 2019

We've teamed up with Come Hear NC on a podcast series that explores North Carolina music one song at a time. This week, Grammy winner and American Songster Podcast host Dom Flemons talks with us about the legacy of 'Shady Grove.' He says it's a song that is synonymous with North Carolina. 

"I think about Doc Watson when I think about Shady Grove. I also think of many old time versions and rarely do I think of Shady Grove outside of that context."
Dom Flemons and Taj Mahal

The version of 'Shady Grove' that Dom chose to focus on is by Taj Mahal, who he says has been his guiding spirit in his journey through North Carolina music.

"To me, Taj is synonymous with a bigger story of North Carolina even though he isn't originally from here. He has been a guiding spirit for so many people's exploration of old time music...especially African American vernacular music within the bigger context of old time music."