Clyde Edgerton Banned From Wilmington School District

Jun 6, 2016

Author Clyde Edgerton

Famed North Carolina author Clyde Edgerton is best known for his witty, character-driven novels about Southern life, like “Raney” and “Killer Diller.” He is now in the headlines for being banned from all public schools in New Hanover County where two of his children attend elementary school.

The ban centers around a grievance he filed alleging discrimination in the Spanish immersion program at Forest Hills Elementary School. Edgerton says the school has not given students of color equal opportunity to enroll in the program. The school system superintendent gave Edgerton permission to attend his child’s graduation this week, but the ban still remains.

Host Frank Stasio talks with Edgerton about the latest. The New Hanover County School District declined to participate in the conversation.