Civil Rights Exhibit Online

Jul 1, 2011

The North Carolina Museum of History launched a new online exhibit today that takes a close-up look at the struggle for equal and civil rights across the state. 

As soon as you log onto the website – you are serenaded by Sam Cooke.  The name of the exhibit is “A Change is Gonna Come: Black, Indian and White Voices for Racial Equality.”  It covers the years 1830 to 1980 – from the Indian Removal Act to the rise and fall of Soul City.  Earl Ijames is the curator of the exhibit. He says it was going to be a physical exhibit before the 2008 recession.

Earl Ijames:  "We began to see distinctive vantages of being able to have an exhibit online as opposed to having a physical exhibit.  And for one thing you can reach more people."

The online civil rights exhibit can be found at