Cisco Employees Can Now Get Comprehensive Health Care At The Office

Oct 12, 2015

Cisco Systems employees can now make appointments at the tech company's private medical practice in the Research Triangle Park.

The new LifeConnections Health Center offers medical, mental, vision, telehealth and holistic care, and an in-house gym. It replaces a smaller telehealth-only clinic on the grounds. RTP is the third of Cisco's LifeConnections Centers. This facility will serve about 5,000 employees and their families.

Katelyn Johnson, manager of Cisco's Integrated Health, says the company wants its employees and their families to get the best care possible. Therefore, the company bypassed the typical health insurance model in favor of a patient-centered medical home.

She says that means same-day appointments, shorter wait times, and longer appointments.

"We want the physicians to spend time to get to know the Cisco employee and their family," Johnson says. "We want them to refer to the health coach, to the counselor if necessary. We want them to encourage to join the fitness center. We want the physician to be the center of their health care."

Johnson says this benefit is is intended to attract and retain the best employees. She adds that it's also meant to demonstrate how health care models can better and more efficiently serve patients.