Chatham County Line Ushers In 'Autumn'

Sep 2, 2016

Chatham County Line is back with its seventh studio recording.  It's called Autumn and features eleven original songs recorded in Kernersville. Dave Wilson is the lead vocalist, songwriter and guitarist. John Teer plays fiddle, mandolin and also sings.

The first single is called "You Are My Light." Wilson says it's a quintessential Chatham County Line tune.

"That song is another example I guess of the kind of material that brought the band really together and got it focused on the fourth album," said Wilson. "A song that’s written in a sort of a rock 'n' roll vein that we take and put our bluegrass-ish stamp on with the instrumentation we use."

Autumn was recorded during the fall of 2014  and 2015, so there's a literal explanation for the title. But Wilson says it also fits the ethos of the songs on this record.

"They felt like autumn to me," he said. "And they felt like that time of year when the sun leaves you a lone and it starts to cool off and the leaves fall."

Wilson said longtime fans can appreciate a different approach to drums and piano on certain tracks.

"The biggest difference is we’ve had piano on records before but on this album, it drives a couple songs and it is the rhythm and it is the motivating force, especially the last song Show Me The Door."

Chatham County Line is playing WUNC's 40th Anniversary celebration at the Koka Booth Amphitheatre September 10th. Songs from Autumn are in the mix right now at WUNC's New Music Discovery stream.