Chapel Hill Police Brace For Halloween On Franklin Street

Oct 31, 2014

Halloween in Chapel Hill
Credit Matt Fields / Flickr/Creative Commons

Chapel Hill officials say they are prepared for tonight's annual Halloween celebration on Franklin Street. 

More than 300 police officers will be keeping an eye on thousands of people expected to attend the event between 9 p.m. and midnight. 

Lieutenant Joshua Mecimore works for the town's police department.  He says there are rules in place to help keep all the ghouls and goblins safe.   

“You know, we want people to know that you can't have alcohol in the event, you can't bring alcohol out of one of the restaurants into the event,” he says.

“You can't be consuming alcohol while you're in the event.  We'll have some barricades at the entrance points to the event.  Our officers that are working those barricades will be looking for folks trying to bring alcohol in and they'll be taking it from them.]”

Mecimore says all glass containers are banned as are weapons and simulated weapons.  

He says the event is expensive – last year's activities cost the town $180,000.