By Car Or Boat, Officers Are Looking For Drunk Drivers

May 14, 2015

Law enforcement want to discourage intoxicated people from driving cars or boats this summer.
Credit Fir0002 / Wikipedia

Law enforcement officials want North Carolinians to think twice before drinking and getting behind the wheel of a car or boat.

The State Highway Patrol and Wildlife Resources Commission are teaming up in a campaign called "On the road, on the water... Don't Drink and Drive."

Highway Patrol spokesman Sergeant Mike Baker says officers will be out around the summer's major holiday weekends.

 "The Highway Patrol is going to try to make sure that impaired motorists do not get on a boat by conducting check points at or near boat accesses," Baker says.

"But if they do slip past the Highway Patrol while on the roadway and make it to the waterways, the Wildlife Resource Commission will send various offers out to monitor boating activity, but they'll also be looking for motorists behind the wheel of a boat as well."

The Highway Patrol says it investigated 68 fatal collisions and nearly 900 injuries caused by impaired driving last year.