The Bucket Brothers' Young Talent

Jun 6, 2014

10-year-old Casey Valleroy, host Frank Stasio, and 14-year-old Logan Valleroy
Credit Carol Jackson / WUNC


Logan and Casey Valleroy have years of experience playing nine different instruments.

The years of musical experience are impressive since they have a combined total of 24 years of life.

The duo known as The Bucket Brothers has released three albums, played live with members of big-name local bands like The Old Ceremony and the Squirrel Nut Zippers, and they haven’t even entered high school yet.

We captured this image of the Bucket Brothers during mic check at the WUNC studios. June, 2014

Host Frank Stasio talks with The Bucket Brothers: 14-year-old Logan Valleroy on the mandolin, violin, keyboard and drums, and 10-year-old Casey Valleroy on the keyboard and drums.

Here the brothers practice The Beatles' classic, "Yesterday."