The Brothers Who Fought Together In A War Only One Of Them Believed In

Feb 6, 2018

'Our Year of War' is out now from Da Capo Press.
Credit Da Capo Press

In 1968, brothers Tom and Chuck Hagel volunteered for an infantry unit bound for Vietnam. One of them believed in the war; one was staunchly opposed to it. 


But their differing ideologies did not matter once they got to the front lines: They fought side by side, and each even saved the other’s life under fire. “Our Year of War: Two Brothers, Vietnam, and a Nation Divided” (Da Capo Press/2017) chronicles their journey from hometown Nebraska to the jungles of Vietnam and back home to a fractured country.

Host Frank Stasio talks with author and retired U.S. Army General Daniel Bolger about the Hagel brothers’ understanding of service and their remarkable story of serving together in a war only one of them supported.