A Bright Light In A Time Of Darkness

Aug 12, 2014

A new historical fiction novel that documents a musical trio during the Holocaust


In the fall of 1941, German troops killed more than 15,000 Jewish residents in a two-day massacre outside the city of Rovno in Ukraine.

Rovno was a cultural pearl of the region, a place filled with musicians, writers and artists, but little has been documented about Jewish life there since almost the entire Jewish population was killed overnight. A new historical fiction novel The Kiss (Loose Leaves Publishing/2013) is trying to fill that gap; through in-depth research and interviews with survivors, author Scott Blumenthal recreated the city of Rovno as the backdrop for a story about a young Jewish musician who discovers his gift to awaken listeners’ memories to bring joy and hope at a time of mounting horror. 

Host Frank Stasio talks to Scott Blumenthal about his debut novel.