Bragg Soldiers Return Home

Dec 8, 2010

Members of the Fort Bragg based 82nd Sustainable Brigade arrive home later today. About 100 soldiers are making the trip after serving for a year in Afghanistan. Military officials say the group handled getting supplies to soldiers throughout the embattled country.

Sergeant First Class Jason Allgood says today's reunion comes just in time for the holidays:

"It sort of chokes you up. Some of these people, its been a year since they've seen their family members. They've talked to them on the phone, but there's nothing like that first embrace, you can just see the most hardened soldier just melts down when he comes up and his kid give him a big hug, its very emotional. A lot of these guys coming back missed last Christmas. So this will be the first Christmas in two years."

Allgood says it will be at least a year before soldiers in this group will be deployed again.