Blake's Infinite Writing

May 24, 2011

Stan Peskett and his artwork featuring William Blake's vision

Nearly every school child on both sides of the pond can recite the opening lines of “The Tiger” by William Blake. The poem is part of the collection “Songs of Experience” and is among William Blake’s best known works. There’s a companion collection called “Songs of Innocence,” and together they explore the duality of good and evil existent in everyone.

Blake was unappreciated in his day — the late 18th and early 19th century — but today he is revered by critics, poets and artists alike. Eric Wilson teaches literature at Wake Forest University. His new book is called “My Business is to Create: Blake’s Infinite Writing” (University of Iowa Press/2011), and his goal is to make Blake’s ideas of creativity accessible to everyone. Host Frank Stasio talks to Eric Wilson and visual artist Stan Peskett about Blake's visions of creativity and inspiration.