Biotech Facility Opening in Winston-Salem

Feb 21, 2012

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center is introducing a Bio Tech facility later today in Winston-Salem.

Jeff Tiberii: What used to be an RJ Reynolds tobacco manufacturing and storage facility will now serve as Wake Forest BioTech place. The 242-thousand square foot facility will house about 450 people by the end of this year. It’s part of the Piedmont triad Research Park. Medical Center V.P. Doug Edgeton says the new site will have research projects in bio-chemistry, pharmacology, physiology, biomedical engineering and micro-biology.

Doug Edgeton: While there is fundamental focus on research, you also have a number of graduate students who are getting their post-doctoral training; their skills that they need to go out in the market as a PhD.

Edgeton says Wake Forest BioTech Place is being touted as a significant addition to Piedmont Triad Research Park. He says many of the Medical Center’s existing labs there pre-date 1980 and the new space will help them attract and retain the best faculty.