Bill Cuts Teachers A Break On Licensure Exam

Jun 13, 2019

Credit woodleywonderworks / Flickr - Creative Commons -

Teachers across the state of North Carolina who haven’t been able to pass a licensure exam could get an extension from the General Assembly.

A bill passed by the N.C. House Wednesday would let teachers submit a signed document from their school administrator to vouch for their teaching ability in lieu of passing an exam.

There are hundreds of teachers who’ve had trouble passing the current exams and face an impending deadline of July 1 to pass, or lose their jobs.  Lawmakers have voiced concern, saying they fear losing capable teachers just because they couldn’t pass a test. This could also, lawmakers say, keep school districts, especially rural ones, from having enough teachers.

Additionally, the bill would allow teachers applying for jobs in North Carolina from out of state to transfer to N.C. schools, provided are licensed in their current state or are in an accredited educator preparation program.

The Senate will take up the revised version of the bill. In May, the Senate passed an earlier version by 46-2.