Bennett College In Atlanta For Accreditation Appeal Hearing

Feb 18, 2019

Bennett College officials are appearing before a panel in Atlanta today in hopes the school can regain its accreditation.

Bennett officials hope the result of their fundraising campaign is enough to convince their accrediting agency to keep the school open.

In December, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools revoked the accreditaton of the all-black women's college based on a lack of financial resources.

Bennett College in Greensboro then launched an ambitious "Stand with Bennett" campaign to raise $5 million by February 1st.

It raised $9.5 million. Now, school officials hope this will be enough to show the accrediting agency that they are financially stable.

However, SACS can still reject Bennett’s appeal. If that happens, it could trigger a lawsuit, or Bennett could seek accreditation elsewhere.

A loss of accreditation means a college can’t receive any federal funding.

SACS is expected to decide Bennett’s fate sometime this week, but it could push a decision back until June, if it decides a longer review is necessary.