Becoming Miss Gay North Carolina America: Meet Justin Natvig, aka Vivian Vaughn

Aug 1, 2016

Justin Natvig has had a flair for performance most of his life. As a young kid, he often snuck into his grandparents’ attic and dug through his grandmother’s things: vintage dresses, hats, wigs, shoes and makeup. He would put it all on, play Diana Ross records and lip sync in front of the mirror. For many years, he kept this passion a secret as he struggled with a family that would not accept his identity. 

'We're not being ourselves at any cost to anybody else [...] We just ask that you don't go out of your way to keep us down'

He eventually dropped out of high school and ran away from home, but despite the tumultuous circumstances, he found a community of support within the drag scene. Today Natvig is 34 and holds the title “Miss Gay North Carolina America,” making him the state champion of female impersonation with the persona, Vivian Vaughn

Host Frank Stasio talks with Justin Natvig about his life and career as he prepares to hand over the title at the Miss Gay North Carolina America pageant next week.