Baroque Music Is 'HIP' At Mallarmé’s Music Festival

Feb 5, 2016

The biennial North Carolina HIP (Historically Informed Performance) Music Festival hosted by Mallarmé Chamber Players is back this year with expanded programming. The festival features Baroque music played on period string instruments, which tend to sound richer, mellower and less edgy than modern counterparts.

The Mallarmé Chamber Players will play a two-part concert called the Biber Bowl featuring the Rosary Sonatas, 16 movements interpreting events from the lives of Jesus and Mary.

Host Frank Stasio talks with Suzanne Rousso, artistic director of Mallarmé, and David Wilson, a Baroque violinist. Wilson plays live with Baroque violinist Elizabeth Field, Baroque cellists Stephanie Vial and Barbara Krumdieck, and virginal player Jennifer Streeter.

The North Carolina HIP Music Festival features 11 concerts from Feb. 6-28. The Mallarmé Chamber Players play the Biber Bowl at Durham’s St. Paul’s Lutheran Church this Saturday and Sunday at 3 p.m.