Artists In Their Residence

Aug 27, 2009

Credit Frank Konhaus and Ellen Cassilly

A love of collecting photography led Frank Konhaus and Ellen Cassilly to include an art gallery in their dream home. Then the couple decided that they wanted to do more than just display art. They wanted to build an in-home studio space for artists to create in. Cassilhaus, the name of Frank and Ellen's dwelling, fulfilled their dream. Now, invited artists from all over the world come to their home to write, paint, sculpt, dance or just generate ideas for upcoming projects.

Painter Beverly McIver was the most recent guest of Cassilhaus. The renowned portrait artist spent six weeks in the Durham studio shortly before being named the new SunTrust Bank endowed professor of art at North Carolina Central University. In This hour of State of Things, McIver and the owners of Cassilhaus join host Frank Stasio for a conversation on art, space, creativity and community.