Ari Picker, Lost in the Trees: The Eric Hodge Interview

Feb 25, 2014

Lost in the Trees
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The folk/pop group Lost in the Trees has a new album out this month. The group has been praised for its instrumental mastery, ethereal sound  and passionate performances. This album is a new direction for them. Front man Ari Picker says that new direction was carefully planned: "Well, I didn't want to do the same thing that I had been doing. I needed to switch it up or not make another record, so I decided to switch it up."

Picker says that the group's last record came from a more internal place, but this record is different. There's a narrative to the songs. The story features two people chasing each other through time, in this life and the afterlife. "It was a a romantic image and I wanted the songs to reflect that romance," he says.

Lost in the Trees' new album is out this week, and the band will be in town on Friday 2/28/14.