Anytown USA Goes To Roseboro

May 31, 2016

Second to Pennsylvania, North Carolina has the most small towns in the United States. And it has been able to remain the so-called “small town state” because of the many miles of state highways connecting dispersed towns to one another.

Ten years ago Randy Benson, filmmaker and instructor at Duke University’s Center for Documentary Studies, was curious about the many North Carolinians that call the state’s small towns home, so he started an documentary project called “Anytown USA.” Each year, Benson pairs up with a different small town in the state, and invites his students to film and produce short documentaries with residents of the town.

Host Frank Stasio talks about this year’s films documenting Roseboro, a small town in Samson County. He talks with instructor Randy Benson and students Leslie Baker, Emily Frachtling, and Patrick Nichols. The films will be screened at The Full Frame Theater in Durham at 7 p.m.