Anti-Hunger Advocate Redefines His Solution To Hunger

May 4, 2018

Andy Fisher is a co-founder of the Community Food Security Coalition and a leading advocate for sustainable solutions to hunger.
Credit Courtesy of Andy Fisher

When Andy Fisher co-founded the Community Food Security Coalition in 1994, he had a clear goal of advocating for food security. During his 17 years working in conjunction with leaders of the anti-hunger movement, he observed the systems and practices that are holding the movement back.

In his book “Big Hunger: The Unholy Alliance between Corporate America and Anti-Hunger Groups” (The MIT Press/2017), Fisher exposes some dirty secrets of the industry. He joins Frank Stasio to reveal the truth behind Walmart and its two billion dollar commitment to end hunger. He discusses why the anti-hunger movement would rather have Walmart send its employees to a food bank than challenge them to provide a living wage. Over the years he watched as the income inequality widened and realized the answer to the hunger problem is in higher wages.

Through his book, Fisher hopes to question whether or not the way we are addressing hunger in this country is working and present innovative groups that may be on the forefront of providing a long-term solution. Andy Fisher will be at the Carrboro Arts Center on Tuesday, May 8 at 7 p.m. for the Equity At The Table Speaker series.