Alice Feiring's top natural wine recommendations

Aug 27, 2019

In our Splendid Table Selects episode Natural Wine for the People, we spoke with wine expert Alice Feiring about the new trend towards producing natural wines, wines that are made without any additives. We also asked her to share a list of her ten favorite natural wines. Freiring replied, "Given how difficult it is to nail down specific wines, I tend to say which producers you should look for instead of specific bottles. These are some of the people who are always in my wine cellar." Learn more about natural wine and producers throughout the world in Feiring's new book, Natural Wine for the People.

Alice Feiring's Natural Wine Recommendations

  • La Clarine Farm (California)
  • Marcel & Carine Joubert  (Beaujolais,France)
  • 2NaturKinder  (Franken, Germany)
  • Benoit Courault (Loire, France)
  • Deirdre Heekin (La Garagista)  (Vermont) 
  • Roberto Henriquez  (Chile)
  • Richard Staveck (Slovakia)
  • Christian Tschida (Austria) 
  • Cinque Campi (Itay)
  • Pheasant's Tears (Georgia)