Abortion Provider’s Novel Takes Readers Into Both Sides Of Debate

Nov 9, 2017

Indigo Cox's new novel tackles the complex issue of abortion from several perspectives.
Credit Courtesy of Indigo Cox

Indigo Cox read many excellent academic books on women's reproductive health. But as a physician herself, and one who performs abortions, she wanted a book that told a story from both sides. 

She decided to hear those stories, she would have to write them herself. "Native Girl Rites" (Metamorphosis/ 2017) follows Mari Gray, a young woman of color who is training to provide abortions in a small town, and Amy, who finds herself involved in an extremist group intent on ending them. The book shows that the men and women embroiled in the debate over abortion are all people with stories to share, and that talking about the issue is always better than resorting to violence.

Host Frank Stasio talks with writer and physician Indigo Cox about creating characters on both sides of a highly divisive current issue.