AAA: Drivers Should Plan Ahead For Winter Weather

Dec 27, 2017

Winter weather can strike without warning, so AAA Carolinas urges motorists to plan ahead.
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Winter storms can hit with little warning, so AAA Carolinas is advising drivers to prepare before roadways get hazardous.

Spokeswoman Tiffany Wright said that means making sure your car is safe to begin with.

"Go to a trusted repair shop and get that car inspected," she said. "Make sure that tread tire depth is where it needs to be. Make sure those windshield wipers are working properly, so that you have that car in working condition when you're out on the road."

Wright also advises keeping an emergency kit in the car.

"Make sure that you have a dry set of clothes, make sure that you have nonperishable food items to eat, make sure that you have water."

Since many people are still on holiday road trips as others head back to work, Wright recommended avoiding high-traffic times in cities.

"The best times to leave are typically early morning or after the morning commute," she said. "The roads, they should be less crowded. So you should have a little bit more time to reach your destination safely."

Wright adds that drivers plan their routes in advance, wear a seatbelt, and keep your eyes on the road instead of your phone.