WUNCPolitics Podcast: Post-Charlotte Politics Get Ugly

Sep 30, 2016

WUNCPolitics Podcast, episode 21
Credit WUNC

The shooting of Keith Scott in Charlotte sparked protests and violence and a back-and-forth about releasing police bodycam and dashcam videos.

This week, with the protests subsiding, a lot of the talk has turned to politics - and we've seen further evidence that there is no love lost between Democrat Jennifer Roberts, the mayor of Charlotte, and Republican Governor Pat McCrory.

McCrory accused Roberts and his opponent in the Governor's race, Roy Cooper, of meeting during the crisis and using the events for political gain. It’s one more example that the race for Governor is going to get uglier before election day.

WUNC's Dave DeWitt and Jeff Tiberii talk about post-Charlotte politics, the potential impact of debates on undecided voters in North Carolina, and other topics on this episode of the WUNCPolitics Podcast.