Wake Schools Brace For Budget Cuts

Jun 3, 2011

Tony Tata
Credit Wake Schools

Educators across the state are reacting to the state budget making its way through the legislature today. 

 Wake County Superintendent Tony Tata prepared his budget on the premise that the state’s largest school district would receive 5 percent less than it did the previous year from the state. The current budget is more like 6 percent. But Tata isn’t complaining. 

Tony Tata: "6 is better than 10 it's better than 8.8 it's better than 8. And so it's moving in the right direction in my opinion and we'll just wait and see what happens. Any way you cut it, it's tough because we've already had to lay off hundreds of employees."

A 6 percent cut means about $43 million dollars less for Wake Schools. Tata didn’t say whether the reduction would lead to further layoffs.