Wake School Board Democrats Cite Tata's Style In Firing

Sep 26, 2012

Democratic leaders on the Wake County School Board say Tony Tata's leadership style led to his firing as superintendent. 

Gurnal Scott: Members of the Democratic majority gave some reasons for their vote in a news conference yesterday. But they declined to give specifics. Board chairman Kevin Hill pointed to what he says were operational failures.

Kevin Hill: We've had a disastrous start to the school year in implementation of our assignment plan beginning with the first week in July. We've had a mess with transportation.

Hill says he felt Tata's leadership style didn't inspire a give-and-take with employees. Board members will soon begin looking for the next superintendent. Vice chair Keith Sutton wants to see specific qualities.

Keith Sutton: Someone who has a solid educational background and credentials but also has a financial background as well that can run a billion dollar-plus enterprise.

Leaders hope to hire a new superintendent by next summer.